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28 September 2015 @ 06:58 am
Faster than a speeding bullet  
Happiness is finding out that your cafe took a two-day, $25,000 (yes, you read that right -- not $2,500 but $25,000) catering order for the Google campus... and it's your days off.

Bullet dodged. I'm so grateful I could cry. Not kidding. We probably haven't had a catering order that big since the President was in town a few years ago.
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Love Lies Bleedingcorellian_sugar on September 29th, 2015 03:02 am (UTC)
It's nice to know that someone else is going to have to shoulder this burden. The order is actually so huge that it's being split between three cafes, but those bakes are still going to be ridiculously enormous. I am so relieved. The only way that it might impact me is I might need to pan up the bread for that bake (on my Friday), which isn't nearly as time consuming as BAKING it. :)