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Love Lies Bleeding
22 January
Tired baker/pastry chef living in Portland, Oregon. I work more than I sleep, and I'm not kidding. I could mainline horror films like crack and still not have enough, which means eventually I will overdose and THE HORROR WILL KILL ME (ironic). Have had a rather rabid adoration of Star Wars since I was a child in 1977. Unapologetic gorehound. Would rather be living in Australia. Love to read everything from genre fiction to historical novels to comic books, wish I had more time in which to do it. Have a lightsaber and am not afraid to use it. Would like to have Guillermo del Toro, David Cronenberg, or Dario Argento's twisted, beautiful little babies. Consumer of far too much Earl Grey tea. Misha Collins is my TV boyfriend. Still a die-hard Fuelie. Likes to go on culinary adventures whenever possible. Lover of foreign film, especially Japanese and Chinese. Zombies give me a vicarious thrill that I cannot even begin to explain, so I'm not going to. Addicted to tattoos. Would like to have a pet xenomorph. Guilty of feline adoration. Brett Scallions wears leather like licorice and is TEH sex. South Park makes me laugh, the mischievous little fuckers. Thinks Darth Vader is hot. Like most typical Oregonians, thinks umbrellas are for wusses. I always think I need a vacation. Oh, and most importantly: I AM BURDENED WITH GLORIOUS PASTRIES, enough said.

That's about it. My journal is friends only, but I'm more than happy to add more!

A little more insight might be gleaned from this... meme.

At the movies, I like to see: Things blow up and bleed.
Music I listen to right now: A combination of funky talk radio and classic rock.
Book of the now too tired to read, have a teetering pile on my nightstand.
Best game right now: Playing hide and seek with my car keys. Where are you, you jingly bastards?
I'm passionate about: A great many things.
I wish I could: Be a Sith Lord. I'm working on it. I'm patient.
My favorite travel destination is: The next one. :)
On my vacation, I would: Sleep, eat exciting food, and plot world domination through baked goods.
If I won a million dollars, I would: Open my own business and have at least ten weeks of vacation a year.
If I was a superhero, I would: Bake villains until they were golden brown and then ice them in French buttercream.
A fashion I would rather not see again: Does the entire 1970s count? I say yes.
My worst purchase ever: I have no idea. I try not to do that.
I want my coffee: Hazelnut brew, with a shot of caramel and cream.
Favorite food of the now: Triple cream Delice de Bourgogne with a nice baguette.
I don't like: Drama. Oh, and chick flicks. Spare me both.
Software I use: Flour, sugar, butter.
Hardware I use: A kick ass Revent rack oven you can stand in.
Yes, I totally ignored the obvious computer answers with the last two questions. Baking hardware/software is definitely more delicious, anyway.
I discovered LJ from/by: I blame irreparable. It's all her fault. More than 15 years ago, no less.

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